Barclays PingIt

I have been stuck to use the Barclays PingIt service ever since it came out as my iPhone is jailbroken and there is no way I want an un-jailbroken phone. (too many useful apps, especially iBlacklist (the speech part of my phone is secondary to me)).
New iPad, yay .. Oh, error code on trying the app, and it is also not natively designed for iPad. This will limit my usage as I am will have to rely on wifi and then is it safe for public wifi? (ok, can tether with my phone, but more often than not will be on public wifi).
So, a little google and I discover xcon on Cydia, which allows the jailbreak message to be ignored. Excellent stuff, so straight on and take a look at the details. Have a think, and then wonder whether installing banking software on a jailbroken phone and having to hack it again just to make it work is the most sensible of ideas.
I’d suggest not.

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Is Windows 7 the worst OS ever?

Due to monitoring my electricity usage, I have become completely aware of my computer starting up at irregular hours.


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Bike thief update

Flabbergasted. It’s a good word. It’s my word of today.

The CPS have decided not to press charges against my bike thief.


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Leccy Monitoring

I’ve been working on setting up monitoring my current cost electricity monitor. There are a few blogs out there and I tried a couple of techniques before settling on this. This is a standard Ubuntu server, with a Current Cost Envi and three IAM’s added. I forgot how I set up Ubuntu, so if anyone wants to document that, I can add in. But basically you need Perl with RRD. This is all pretty rough, but it works. Happy with any help …


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Bike Thief

It’s been a happy two and a half years me and Brommie spent together. We’ll always have some very happy memories, including entering a World Championship Race.

Me & B in World Championships

So, what happened to break up this relationship? A bike thief, that’s what happened. (more…)

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Thames Kayak 20th Sept 09

Take a look at the photos

Day 3 – into Oxford.

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Thames Kayak 19th Sept 09

Take a look at the photos

Day 2 – Sore arms from yesterday.

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Thames Kayak 18th Sept 09

Take a look at the photos

Day one from Castle Eaton. Stayed in Swindon, which is a bit of a s*ithole. Okay, I’d overdone the beers the night before, but didn’t wish to venture into any of the pubs in Swindon Town Centre.

Taxi driver dropped me off at Castle Eaton, as no-one seemed to have heard of Water Eaton, despite me showing them the map.

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iPhone 3GS day

Today’s the day. CPW lost my pre-order, then my order couldn’t find me on Equifax, then O2 wanted £150 deposit, then Mint thought the transaction was fraudulent. I’ve been jumping through hoops for this phone.

Now the postman has knocked on the door, oh .. it was the cycle mount I ordered yesterday off eBay. WHERE’S THE PHONE?!

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Well, it had to happen some time. Wasn’t expecting a catastrophic failure of the handlebars @ 20mph on the Embankment.

Left hand a sorry mess after grabbing onto the railings for dear life. Lesson to self, don’t trust handlebars over 5 years old. Turns out these ones were 20 years old.


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